We are long time friends who had a crazy idea back in 2016: Start a shoe company. 
Why? Simply put, we are passionate about shoes! From our days of wearing performance shoes for junior sports club to our current days as professionals wearing different dress shoes. ATLST originated from our passion, experience, and creativity. After months of research, testing, and factory visits we arrived at the perfect shoe collection.  
Our mission is to create modern premium quality shoes and bring them to consumers at affordable prices. 
- Everton Araujo & Daniel Almeida -
We've worked extensively to create a footwear line that is comfortable, modern, and beautifully designed so you can look always your best!
After visiting several footwear factories, we chose to manufacture our shoes in Franca, Brazil. This is a place with a 100+ year of history and tradition in shoemaking. Our partner factory is specialized in handcrafted footwear, and it is committed to excellence in every step of the shoe making process, exporting to many countries besides United States.
We have cut no corners here! Our shoes are built with top grain leather and materials that are made to last. Each and every shoe is built with meticulous attention to detail and perfection is the underlying goal in our manufacturing process. This means you get premium quality with every pair of ATLST shoes.
ATLST believes in transparency, sustainability, and hard work. We value people and everyone involved in the ATLST journey from our producers to our end consumers.
       Modern. Lasting. Comfort

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